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Sleep Number Celebrates Better Sleep Month; Challenges 10 Million People To Improve Their Sleep

What: In  celebration of Better Sleep Month, Sleep Number® announces the Sleep30®  Challenge by Sleep Number, a program designed to help 10 million people improve  their sleep by the end of 2019.

The Sleep30®  Challenge by Sleep Number is a free, 30-day online wellness plan that invites individuals  to improve their sleep habits and put sleep first.  It  has an easy-to-follow blueprint that slowly introduces good sleep habits and helps  people eliminate habits that may be keeping them from getting the sleep they  need. Participants will learn how to set a sleep schedule, develop a relaxing  bedtime routine, and understand the impact that food, exercise and daily stress  on sleep. Since launching the Sleep30® Challenge  to Sleep Number customers in 2018, 82% of participants experienced better  quality sleep and 74% of participants improved or changed a poor sleep habit.*

Everyone  is invited to participate in the Sleep30®  Challenge by Sleep Number, no matter what kind of bed they have. It can be done  alone or with a sleep partner.

When: Starting May 1 and throughout 2019.The challenge  takes 30 days to complete.
Why :      

  • Sleep is at the core  of wellbeing – physical, mental, and emotional.
  • People are placing an  increasing value on sleep,  yet good  sleep is not a given: One-third of  American's do  not get the quality sleep they need.   
    • According to the  Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 1 out of 3 adults aren't  getting adequate rest.   
    • Over 40% of consumers  are concerned that their health will worsen due to poor quality sleep (Source:  Parks Associates).
    • May is Better Sleep Month, yet according to  Sleep Number's proprietary SleepIQ®  technology data, May 2018 was the month that people got the least amount of  sleep last year.**
  • Sleep Number has the expertise to help:         
    • The Sleep Number 360®  smart bed is the only bed available that uses sleep and biometric data to  effortlessly respond to the sleeper during the night for consistent comfort,  delivering quality sleep.
    • Sleep Number conducts  the world's largest sleep study every night, gathering nightly data from the company's  proprietary SleepIQ® technology.
  • This challenge will  help amplify the conversation around sleep and well-being, proving  that quality sleep is available for everyone.

How:     Join  the challenge today by signing up  at

  • Share  your progress on social media using hashtags #Sleep30 and #SmarterSleep
  • Follow  along with others who will be starting the Challenge throughout the month of  May, including:   
    • Sleep Number President &  CEO Shelly Ibach (Instagram: @shellyibach)
    • Award-winning journalist Katie  Couric (Instagram: @katiecouric)
    • Bachelor couple Sean  & Catherine Lowe (Instagram: @catherinegiudici and @seanloweksu)
    • Olympic gold medalist Gwen  Jorgensen (Instagram: @gwenjorgensen)
    • Kate Arends of Wit and Delight  (Instagram: @witanddelight_)
    • Professional athlete and world-record  holder Colin O'Brady (Instagram: @colinobrady)

About Sleep Number:

The leader in sleep  innovation, Sleep Number delivers proven, quality sleep through effortless,  adjustable comfort and biometric sleep tracking. Sleep Number's revolutionary  360® smart bed and proprietary SleepIQ® technology platform are proving the  connection between sleep and well-being. With one of the most comprehensive  databases of biometric consumer sleep data, and as the winner of J.D. Power's  2018 Mattress Satisfaction Report, Sleep Number is improving lives by  individualizing sleep experiences. And with a commitment to improving the lives  of over 1 million youth by 2025, Sleep Number is redefining the future of  health and wellness – for everyone. To experience better quality sleep, visit  our or  one of our over 585 Sleep Number® stores located in all 50 states.
For additional information, visit our newsroom and investor  relations site.

* Based on  Sleep30® Challenge by Sleep Number participants, November 2018-March 2019

** Based on  SleepIQ® data from 1/1/18 to 12/31/18, sleepers averaged 7 hours 38 minutes per  night,14 minutes less than the best month, January 2018


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