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SleepIQ® Technology in the Sleep Number 360™ Smart Bed

The Sleep Number 360™ smart bed is powered by SleepIQ® technology – a touchless, biometric sensor technology that tracks personal sleep data during the night. Launched by Sleep Number in 2014, each night SleepIQ® technology seamlessly reads hundreds of measurements per second, tracks hundreds of thousands of sleep sessions, and analyzes over 4 billion biometric data points (heart rate, motion and breath rate). Based on that data, a proprietary algorithm delivers a personal SleepIQ® score, from 1 to 100 each morning, along with a report of the critical biometric statistics that went into generating that score. Available on all Sleep Number 360™ smart beds, SleepIQ technology automatically adjusts the comfort of the bed during the night to keep each sleeper comfortable all-night long.

Smart Bed's Operating System

The SleepIQ® platform – the operating system of the Sleep Number 360 smart bed – takes sleep tracking to the next level. Not only does SleepIQ track sleep by sensing a sleeper's biometrics and movements, it now integrates with both the new 360 smart mattress and the FlexFit™ smart adjustable base to create an effortless, optimized sleeping experience, which offers:


From fitness trackers to smart thermostats, SleepIQ technology connects to a person's life so they know what is needed for their best sleep. For example, SleepIQ® data coupled with Fitbit® data offers insights on how fitness activity impacts sleep. SleepIQ works with the Nest Learning Thermostat™ to identify the optimal bedroom temperature for sleep. The list of SleepIQ® API (Application Program Interface) data providers include:

In 2018, Sleep Number looks to expand its smart home integrations with SleepIQ technology; potentially, working with multiple platforms like Google, Amazon and Microsoft. In addition, new features, functionality and data providers are pushed out through software updates, so the SleepIQ software is always updated.

SleepIQ® Algorithm

SleepIQ data gives users knowledge about how they are sleeping and the power to adjust variables that impact their sleep quality. After using SleepIQ for a few weeks, the algorithm learns each person's ideal sleep habits and comfort preferences. The proprietary SleepIQ algorithm understands how physical activity and environment affect sleep quality, and makes personalized recommendations for a better night's sleep. For example, SleepIQ technology can currently:

Effortless Sleep Tracking

SleepIQ technology is integrated into the Sleep Number 360 smart bed. Compared to other sleep tracking technologies, such as wearables that measure one single touch point, SleepIQ technology is an effortless, full-body sensing technology. Therefore, all a person must do is get into bed and sleep. Specifically:

Future Capabilities

Announced at CES® 2018, Sleep Number's advanced biometric sleep tracking technology in the future may:

About Sleep Number Corporation

As the leader in sleep innovation, Sleep Number Corporation (NASDAQ: SNBR) delivers the best quality sleep through effortless, adjustable comfort and biometric sleep tracking. Sleep Number is a visionary in health and wellness, proving the connection between quality sleep and wellbeing. With its powerful SleepIQ® technology platform, powering one of the most comprehensive databases of biometric consumer sleep data in the world, Sleep Number is fundamentally changing the way we monitor and manage health. To experience better quality sleep, visit one of the over 550 Sleep Number® stores located in all 50 states or For additional information, visit our newsroom and investor relations site.

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