At CES® 2022, we are unveiling the all-new Sleep Number 360 ® smart bed, which combines a new, dynamic smart bed design with hardware and software innovations to deliver superior comfort and advanced sleep and health monitoring.

The 360 smart bed empowers proactive health care by detecting a sleeper’s out-of-the-norm events – such as significant variation to their heart rate - and providing personalized insights that alert them to these changes. These valuable sleep and biometric insights can raise a sleeper’s awareness to health issues they may not otherwise know they have.

Paired with our new Sleep Number® smart furniture – which offers mobility aids, sound, lighting and other environmental adjustments - we’re creating a superior, individualized sleep experience that can help provide peace of mind for sleepers across all populations.

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Wellness Reports

General Sleep Health

Temperature Optimization

Health Awareness

Sleep Number Smart Furniture

Sleep Number Smart Furniture

Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

Sleep Number Smart Furniture

Sleep Number Smart Furniture

Video: Future of Connected Sleep Health Panel

View our virtual panel for the Future of Connected Sleep Health below.

Moderated by health and science journalist Yasmin Tayag, Sleep Number CEO Shelly Ibach opens this 30-minute conversation featuring Sleep Number's VP of Innovation, Strategy and Business Ventures, Cassie Morris; Sleep Number's VP of SleepIQ Health, Raj Mills; and Chief, Division of Sleep Medicine - Neurology at Northwestern Phyllis Zee (MD, PhD).

Panel topics include the emerging role of sleep technology in research and clinical care, the potential for predictive and diagnostic technology in the home, sleep's role in aging, and the growing consumer focus on health at all life stages and the desire to age in place.

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If you’re on site during CES 2022, we’d love for you to visit our booth in person to experience all Sleep Number has to offer. Please visit us at LVCC, North Hall, booth #8443

If you are unable to visit us in person, we’re more than happy to speak with you still. Please visit us at our CES Digital Activation booth to chat with us live and in video.

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