To amplify our positive community impact, advance sleep science to benefit society and fulfill our purpose, we are honored to partner with highly respected organizations, including:

  • National Football League (NFL) : Sleep Number is the Official Sleep and Wellness Partner of the NFL since 2018, and thousands of current and former NFL players have a Sleep Number smart bed. With the extension of the partnership through 2027, Sleep Number expects to continue to actively support players and team personnel with their performance and recovery programs through sleep assessments, new innovations and more.

    As the NFL is expanding its schedule of international games, Sleep Number works directly with team training staff on integrating sleep into the teams’ schedule to ensure best on-field performance during and after international travel. Additionally, the Company also offers 1:1 coaching for players, deepening their engagement with their smart bed and quality sleep.

    Sleep Number’s NFL partnership also includes partnership with the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) and the Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society (PFATS) which helps drive greater engagement on and off the field. Through Sleep Number content, seminars, and team sleep education meetings, the trainers and football medical personnel qualify for continuing education credits, the only of its kind for this community.

    Sleep Number has partnerships with five clubs — Super Bowl LIV, LVII and LVIII Champion Kansas City Chiefs, Super Bowl LVI Champion Los Angeles Rams, the Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings.

    Additionally, the Company leverages the NFL audience to further support American Cancer Society (ACS), being recognized as “an Official Partner of Crucial Catch” and a presenting sponsor of the Defender, an online tool developed by ACS and the NFL to provide cancer prevention, screening and support. Sleep Number customers were incredibly engaged in this work; through Sleep Number Rewards, they donated over $150,000 in reward certificates in 2023 to benefit ACS.

  • Health & Research Institutions: Through partnerships with world-leading health and wellness institutions, Sleep Number is advancing sleep science with its highly accurate, longitudinal sleep data. This data serves as the foundation for groundbreaking research on various health-related issues.

    By enabling a longitudinal view of sleep habits for organizations that otherwise may not have access, Sleep Number believes current partnerships and collaborations with physicians, researchers and institutions – including the Mayo Clinic, American Cancer Society, Northwestern University, University of Pittsburgh and Sleep Number’s own Scientific Advisory Board – will deliver meaningful health solutions.

    These partnerships will provide society with a comprehensive, accurate picture of how sleep affects health. In 2020, Sleep Number announced a collaboration with Mayo Clinic. Sleep Number is advancing the science of sleep by funding several Mayo Clinic research projects, including:
    • Research to investigate the prevalence of disordered sleep (sleep apnea, insomnia and short sleep) in patients with Somali heritage and the implications for cardiovascular risk;
    • Research to explore the relationship between disrupted sleep and markers of aging (telomeres, senescence, chronological EKG based on AI); and
    • Research to explore excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) and its cardiovascular implications

    In 2022, Sleep Number formed a partnership with the American Cancer Society to study the connection between cancer and sleep quality, with the goal of developing the first-ever sleep strategies and guidance for cancer patients and survivors. With contributions from Sleep Number’s proprietary sleep data, American Cancer Society will conduct research over six years, which may lead to improved sleep outcomes for cancer patients and survivors. Additionally, Sleep Number supports cancer patients and caregivers through donations of sleep solutions to American Cancer Society Hope Lodges across the country. And, as part of the Crucial Catch partnership, Sleep Number inspired tens of thousands of NFL fans to learn more about cancer risks and prevention by driving activation of The Defender. In 2023, Sleep Number was named American Cancer Society’s Corporate Partner of the Year.