To amplify our positive community impact, advance sleep science to benefit society and fulfill our purpose, we are honored to partner with highly respected organizations, including:

  • American Cancer Society (ACS): At the beginning of 2022, Sleep Number began a multi-year partnership with ACS to meaningfully support the fight against cancer. Over the next six years, ACS will conduct research with data and expertise from Sleep Number’s proprietary smart beds to identify the impact of quality sleep on cancer prevention and recovery. Leveraging Sleep Number’s billions of hours of highly accurate sleep data in conjunction with historical and ongoing cancer prevention studies, ACS will study the effects of cancer on patients’ and survivors’ nighttime sleep and biometric patterns. Informed by this research, the goal is to develop the first-ever sleep guidelines for cancer prevention and treatment and improve sleep outcomes for cancer patients and survivors.

    Sleep Number’s partnership with ACS seeks to advance not only the fundamental understanding of the science of sleep, but also the potential to translate that knowledge into practical actions that provide meaningful outcomes. Through our investment in sleep science and research, Sleep Number plans to incorporate learnings in our innovations, increasing their utility and value to consumers, and simultaneously advance society’s understanding of how sleep affects individual health.
  • Mayo Clinic: In 2020, Sleep Number announced a collaboration with Mayo Clinic, which is advancing the science of sleep by funding several Mayo Clinic research projects, including:
    • Research to investigate the prevalence of disordered sleep (sleep apnea, insomnia and short sleep) in patients with Somali heritage and the implications for cardiovascular risk;
    • Research to explore the relationship between disrupted sleep and markers of aging; and
    • Research to explore Excessive Daytime Sleepiness and its cardiovascular implications.
  • University of Pittsburgh: Sleep Number is collaborating with researchers at the University of Pittsburgh to develop protocols to assess the convergent validity of RU_SATED 4.0 against objective sleep data.
  • National Football League (NFL): Sleep Number has been the NFL’s “Official Sleep + Wellness Partner” since 2018, and 80 percent of NFL players have a Sleep Number smart bed.* Sleep Number also partners with the Professional Football Athletic Trainers’ Society, Pro Football Hall of Fame and the National Football League Players Association. Additionally, Sleep Number holds club-level partnerships with the LA Rams, Minnesota Vikings, Kansas City Chiefs and the Dallas Cowboys.

    *Based on the number of active roster players eligible for the NFL player Sleep Number bed program who purchased a bed between 7/23/18 and 11/28/22.