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In addition to Sleep Number 360® smart beds, Sleep Number offers exclusive sheets, blankets and more designed for your most comfortable sleep. Highlights and useful links below.

True TempTM Solutions

Sleep hot? Sleep cool? You’re not alone in that 83% of couples sleep too hot or too cold.* But you don’t have to. Our exclusive True Temp bedding features 37.5 technology that continuously adapts to maintain your ideal microclimate, for comfortable sleep all night long. Studies show the more True Temp bedding you sleep on, the more time you’ll spend in your ideal comfort zone.

*Results from a 2020 Sleep Number survey of 1,004 respondents reported they or their partner sometimes sleep too hot or too cold.

DualTemp Layer

As the leader in sleep innovation, Sleep Number delivers the best quality sleep through effortless, adjustable comfort and biometric sleep tracking. Sleep Number also leads the industry in heating and cooling sleep solutions. The DualTemp individual layer – a personalized temperature balancing layer can be added to any bed and allows each sleeper to wake up refreshed in the morning.

By the Numbers - Research shows the more customized the sleep environment – such as comfort, light and temperature – the better the sleep, and nearly half of Americans say climate is the first thing they adjust when getting ready for bed. That can be more difficult when sharing a bedroom. In fact, almost 70% of American couples report sleeping best at different temperatures: 43% of people prefer warmer, while 57% prefer cooler. The DualTemp individual layer is designed so either partner can experience sleep up to 35% warmer or cooler.* Placed securely underneath the bed sheet and powered by active air technology, the layer allows one sleeper to choose their ideal warm or cool temperature at the simple touch of a button.

The DualTemp individual layer comes with a 1-year limited warranty and 30-night in-home trial.

*As compared to sleeping without the DualTemp layer. Results from a 2020 Sleep Number test in a simulated sleep environment.



A pillow is vital to your sleep. It supports a sleeper from the shoulders up, while a mattress supports a sleeper from the shoulders down.

Your pillow should support your head, neck and shoulders for neutral alignment while you sleep. A pillow that’s too high or too low can cause neck discomfort.

Comfort starts from within: pillow fills offer varying supports. At Sleep Number, we offer multiple exclusive fill types, ranging from soft down to firm foam and everything in between.

Our pillows are designed for the way you sleep. You can choose the shape that fits your sleeping position, whether a stomach, back or side sleeper. We offer three core pillow shapes – Classic, Curve/Contour, Ultimate. Our unique Ultimate pillow shape, only available at Sleep Number®, has three removable inserts that allows you to customize the height based on your sleeping position for maximum comfort.

If you’re not sure what’s right for you, visit a store for a personalized PillowFit or take our online PillowFit quiz to find the perfect pillow.


Sheets, Blankets & Layers


Why Sleep Number® sheets? They’re made from the highest quality materials for a luxurious feel that lasts. Plus they offer unique design features for your most comfortable sleep.


Top of Bed

Sleep Number can help complete the sleep experience by offering beautiful and coordinating top-of-bed solutions; grounded in premier quality and comfort. Elevate the look of your bed with Sleep Number® comforters, blankets, coverlets and duvets and mix and match combinations using our Bedding Planner.

Comforters are the most important layer for ultimate comfort and the perfect sleep experience. You can change the look of your bed by adding a beautiful duvet cover to your comforter as well.

Blankets tailor to your individualized sleep needs with warming and temperature regulating solutions.

Coverlets are designed to mix and match with our bedding assortment to create individual style with color and texture.

Blankets and Sheets

Mattress Pads & Layers

Protect your Sleep Number® bed from life mishaps. Enjoy peace of mind with a 10-year limited warranty to guarantee your mattress is protected from almost any stain when you buy our Total Protection Mattress Pad with your Sleep Number bed (must be purchased at same time and on same receipt as mattress).

Sleep Number also offers a variety of exclusive comfort solutions that can work with any mattress. If you’re looking for more support or need help regulating your temperature, we have options to improve and your sleep experience.

Fun fact: Sleep Number bedding works together to make it easy to make your bed and ensure bedding stays in place on your Seep Number bed. Sleep Number sheets stay secure all night long with our SmartFit design. Bedding features the Logic Label, which takes the guesswork out of where to start making your bed. Simply align the Logic Labels at the lower left corner to make it easy, right from the start.

Mattress Pad

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