SleepIQ® Technology, the Operating System of the Sleep Number 360® Smart Bed

360® Smart Bed Operating System

Our Sleep Number 360® smart bed is at the forefront of the digital health revolution and is rapidly becoming the “hub” for a healthy life. Our smart bed automatically responds to your unique data to give you a better night’s sleep. It is the only commercialized innovation that transforms high-quality biometric data into action.

SleepIQ® technology, the Sleep Number 360® smart bed’s operating system, detects sleep disturbances, movements, and biometric changes, and then effortlessly adjusts the bed’s firmness throughout the night to deliver proven quality sleep. SleepIQ® technology is one of the largest and most accurate sleep databases in the world, capturing over 13 billion biometric data points every night. With nothing for sleepers to wear or turn on, it automatically measures each individual sleeper’s heart rate, breath rate, restful sleep, restless sleep and total time in bed. Every morning, it shows you just how well you’re sleeping – your SleepIQ® score.

Research and sleep science are at the core of our NEW Sleep Number 360® smart bed and SleepIQ® technology advancements. Using the basis of nearly one billion sleep sessions-worth of data, several solutions within SleepIQ® technology support proactive health and wellbeing, including:

  • SleepIQ technology tracks an individual’s nighttime Heart Rate Variability (HRV), a measure of the variation of time between each heartbeat. By monitoring HRV, SleepIQ data provides data to help detect energy levels and monitor the body’s ability to recover from stress. The nighttime measurement is a unique advantage, as daytime HRV is heavily influenced by inputs from environment, emotions, and physical factors. By tracking HRV at night, most external factors are absent, providing a more accurate measure.

    The higher or lower an individual’s HRV, the clearer the picture of their overall health - high HRV, for example, may indicate greater cardiovascular fitness and physical recovery ability. A daily HRV snapshot may help individuals understand their cardiovascular resilience and health; Sleep Number 360® smart bed sleepers will benefit from understanding how their nighttime heart rate variability impacts their activity level and energy each day.

  • Sleep Circadian Insights automatically track sleep and wake times for each sleeper in the SleepIQ® platform application. Using artificial intelligence, SleepIQ® technology learns a sleeper’s patterns and provides guidance to optimize sleep and wake times, such as what time of day they are most alert or their optimal times to work out and go to bed.

    Not only will the Sleep Circadian Insights help each sleeper maximize their sleep schedule to align with their ideal circadian rhythm, it may help fight off illness. One important benefit of Sleep Circadian Insights relates to immunity, according to Dr. Van Cauter. “Human immune function is profoundly modulated by sleep and circadian rhythms,” Van Cauter said. “Studies strongly suggest that insufficient sleep, poor sleep quality or irregular day-to-day timing of sleep may adversely affect immunity.”

  • Monthly Sleep Wellness Reports provide an overview of personalized insights, highlighting sleep health, circadian stability, and respiratory and cardiovascular health via HRV. The report helps sleepers effortlessly understand their sleep and see how their sleep health has changed over time. Initial research indicated that 8 out of 10 users found the Sleep Wellness Reports to be valuable, and 40 percent of those users changed sleep-related behaviors based upon information provided in the reports, such as going to bed earlier or changing their pre-bedtime routine. Sleep Number 360® smart bed sleepers can share their Sleep Wellness Reports with their healthcare providers, giving physicians unique access to individualized data that could help provide a more holistic picture of patient health.

  • My Daytime Alertness was inspired by the trusted Karolinska sleepiness scale, a measure of self-reported sleepiness and alertness. The new feature provides advanced, real-time insights that pair each sleeper's personal sleep data with sleep-reported information and sleep science. After waking up, each sleeper indicates how alert they feel using a sliding scale. From there, the response is paired with their sleep data and sleep science facts to provide a personalized tip for how to attain better quality sleep. The feature comes on all new Sleep Number 360 smart beds; current 360 smart bed sleepers can now enjoy My Daytime Alertness via an over-the-air-update. 

In fact, smart sleepers who use their Sleep Number 360® smart bed features and SleepIQ® technology insights get almost 15 minutes more restful sleep per night than those who don’t. That’s nearly 100 more hours of restful sleep per year* - meaningful enough to stave off weight gain, boost productivity and increase immunity.

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*Based on internal analysis of sleep sessions assessing sleepers who use multiple features of Sleep Number® products, including foot warming.