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We are proud to participate in SLEEP 2021 and continue to help lead the growing body of research aimed at advancing sleep science and improving sleep health. 

We’re excited to present new results on a predictive model to detect COVID-19 symptoms from the SleepIQ® technology platform. We are also working on opportunities to expand these capabilities to detect symptoms for illnesses such as the common cold, Influenza and SARS.  

We’re also presenting one of the few studies aimed at better understanding population-level overnight heart rate variability (HRV) using comprehensive, ecologically valid data from our 360® smart beds. Despite broad interest in HRV, few studies have established normative overnight HRV values for a large population. 

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To help promote sleep health and raise public awareness about the relationship of sleep and developmentally appropriate school hours to physical, psychological, and educational well-being, we’ve partnered with Healthy Hours, the education and research arm of Start School Later, Inc.  

As part of our partnership, we are helping lead Let’s Sleep!, a monthly webinar series that provides information and experience-based guidance for school districts to engage and educate school and community stakeholders about the benefits of healthy sleep. The series will cover a broad selection of topics addressing the importance of sleep to public health and to individual health, safety and performance. During the webinars, you are invited to learn about the latest in sleep science, research, and health from one of the renowned physicians and clinicians of our Scientific Advisory Board. 

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