Sleep Number partners with Blue Star Families to support military families with programs and events designed to help them overcome challenges associated with military life. Since 2015, Sleep Number’s support has impacted more than 600,000 military kids across the country. With the support of Sleep Number, Blue Star Families has also presented 216 military families with Sleep Number® beds and bedding kits.

We know the challenges that active service members face, but their spouses and children are impacted by military life, too. Frequent moves, changes of schools, a parent being deployed – these are all things that impact a child’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. Quality sleep is critical to helping them remain healthy and able face the many challenges associated with being a part of a military family.

According to the Blue Star Families 2018 Military Family Lifestyle Survey, 57% of military family respondents said their child had experienced separation anxiety, worry, and/or sleeping problems as a result of the service member’s deployment. And military families move three times more often than civilian families, which means the average military kid will attend six to nine different schools with at least two transitions during high school. These stressors have been linked to behavioral issues such as anxiety and declining grades.

“We are able to sleep safely every night because of the sacrifices of military families. We know quality sleep is at the center of our health and wellness, not only for the service member, but for the entire family,” said Kevin Brown, Sleep Number Chief Marketing Officer. “We are excited about the impact quality sleep and our support of Blue Star Families will continue to have on military families across the country.”

About Blue Star Families

Blue Star Families builds communities that support military families by connecting research and data to programs and solutions, including career development tools, local community events for families, and caregiver support. Since its inception in 2009, Blue Star Families has engaged tens of thousands of volunteers and serves more than 1.5 million military family members nationwide. With Blue Star Families, military families can find answers to their challenges anywhere they are. For more information, visit