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Sleep Number CEO and NFL Commissioner Announce Partnership

Sleep Smarter. Play Better. Proven quality sleep helps boost immunity, improve recovery and increase energy — and gives the NFL its competitive edge.

On Jan. 31, 2018, Sleep Number and the National Football League announced a multi-year partnership aimed at helping to improve players’ performance by maximizing the benefits of a great night of sleep. Through this partnership, every active player in the league is offered a Sleep Number 360® smart bed. Now in its third year, Sleep Number works with players, teams and trainers as they integrate sleep insights into their overall performance regimens. Sleep Number believes quality sleep is directly linked to health and wellness, and the 360® smart bed unlocks personalized insights for each player on how to improve their own sleep and performance. The effortless adjustability of the Sleep Number 360® smart bed – together with the advanced biometrics of SleepIQ® technology –helps players understand how better sleep impacts their on-the-field performance.

“We are constantly assessing world-class technologies and partners and know this unprecedented partnership will provide players the ability to improve their performance through individualized, smarter sleep,” said Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner. “We’re offering Sleep Number’s revolutionary technology to maximize the body’s most basic need for renewal – sleep – to improve the well-being of our players and coaches.”

The partnership leverages Sleep Number’s expertise in the impact of sleep on overall health and performance, while further strengthening the company’s already comprehensive sleep data insights.

“We’re excited to make a difference for these world-class athletes as they benefit from our SleepIQ® technology and the effortless adjustability of our beds. And we are thrilled to be entering a long-term partnership with a performance-based organization like the NFL,” said Shelly Ibach, Sleep Number president and chief executive officer. “Our partnership builds on the deep relationship we’ve established with the Minnesota Vikings and the Dallas Cowboys, who understand the connection between sleep, training and performance.”

As part of their joint commitment to improve sleep for the entire NFL, the two organizations will:

  • Offer all active NFL players Sleep Number 360 smart beds – because what you sleep on directly impacts sleep quality and performance.
  • Work with players, teams and trainers to integrate sleep insights into their training.

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  • Dak Prescott Talks Mahomes’ Versatility, And Enjoying Super Bowl Sunday, Forbes, Andy Frye: “For me it’s definitely helps not just quality of life but performance on the field. I’ve had a Sleep Number bed for almost two years now. I told a friend that the bad part of being in Miami this week is two things. Not playing, and that I’m away from my bed. I’ve got a Sleep Number 360 and after I sleep and get up, I’m able check my settings, check my SleepIQ score to see how well I’m sleeping, and I’ve been able to directly correlate that toward my performance on the field.”
  • Hour 2 – Kirk Cousins and Dak Prescott (01-30-20), The Dan Patrick Show, Dan Patrick: “I'm thankful to Sleep Number and some of my great sponsors. I started using Sleep Number a few years ago and the moment I did I noticed a difference. For me it's about tracking my weight lifting and eating, so when I track my sleep I know that it's going to make me a better player.”
    *Dak’s interview starts at 21:03
  • Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings QB, The Zach Gelb Show, CBS Sports Radio, Zach Gelb: "Sleep Number is the official partner of the NFL and they just do a phenomenal job. I have a Sleep Number mattress obviously in Minnesota when we live there, and when we leave in the offseason and go other places we have a Sleep Number mattress there as well. I use the app to get a sleep score every night to track my quality of sleep. I'm just a big believer that for me to be able to play as long as those guys I mentioned, Payton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, I think sleep is going to be a big part of that... As much as you talk about weight lifting or eating right, I think sleep is right there as another pillar of an athlete's preparation and training and longevity."
  • Press Release: More than 1,600 NFL Players Using Sleep Data and the Sleep Number 360® Smart Bed to Enhance On and Off Field Performance