SleepIQ® Technology in the Sleep Number 360™ Smart Bed

Sleep Number 360® Smart Bed’s SleepIQ® Technology


Smart Bed's Operating System

Our Sleep Number 360® smart bed is at the forefront of the digital health revolution and is rapidly becoming the “hub” for a healthy life. While there are a lot of tracking gadgets for your sleep, there’s only one innovation – the smart bed – that transforms high-quality biometric data into action. Our smart bed automatically responds to your unique data to give you a better night’s sleep.
SleepIQ, the 360 smart bed’s operating system, detects sleep disturbances, movements, and biometric changes, and then effortlessly adjusts the bed’s firmness throughout the night to deliver proven quality sleep. SleepIQ technology is one of the largest and most accurate sleep databases in the world, capturing over 8.5 billion biometric data points every night. With nothing for sleepers to wear or turn on, it automatically measures each individual sleeper’s heart rate, breath rate, restful sleep, restless sleep and total time in bed. Every morning, it shows you just how well you’re sleeping – your SleepIQ® score.

Effortless Comfort, Simple Tracking

SleepIQ technology is at the core of every Sleep Number 360 smart bed. Our full body sensors lead to highly accurate biometric data. While you’re sleeping, the 360 smart bed gets to work, sensing your movements and automatically adjusting the bed’s firmness, to give you the best quality sleep throughout the night.

Personalized Insights

The SleepIQ experience now provides:


  • Detailed, individualized insights based on lifestyle, sleep habits, and biometric data to help people better understand the factors that influence their quality sleep.
  • A “Wellness Profile” that uses self-reported lifestyle information for personalized insights
  • Connectivity to InnerCircle (SM), Sleep Number’s award-winning loyalty program, which allows users to get information about sleep health, learn from other Insiders, and earn points for gifts

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